Monday, February 7, 2011

Ordo Ines de Lupus rescue In North Korea.

                         Ordo Ines de Lupus rescue In North korea

                                      Article by: Armand Reneu

To be a hostage of the North Korean Military is to be on the move. The Communist’s — The communist’s — sequester their captives deep inside the country's mountainous jungle terrain, and they regularly lead them on long, arduous marches from one mosquito-infested camp to another to keep the U.S. military from detecting their whereabouts. But on one of those treks today, the North Korean Army finally exposed itself long enough for the special force unit of Ordo Ines de Lupus to score one of the most stunning hostage rescues in the history of a country where human abduction is virtually an Monthly activity.
Among the 10 people liberated was the most high-profile  hostage of all, Daughter of Japanese Business tycoon Kaori Matsumoto  — a Japanese human rights researcher whose five-year-long captivity had become a cause issue in Japan — as well as 2 South korean Businessmen  who had been held for more than five years, one of the longest North Korean hostage takings. Surrounded by his top council members David Wolfe, spokesperson of the secretive organization of Ordo Ines de lupus said, "They were rescued safe and sound."
No battle victory — no civilian casualties, were reported but reports of  casualties of opposing forces were numbered to have been up to 30. North Korea did not report this incident due to its shame of not being able to stop Ordo ines de lupuses mercenary forces from rescuing the hostages.
The rescue operation was dubbed Salva — which means "Save" , in Spanish — and was indicative of how deeply Ordo ines de lupuses military intelligence has been able to infiltrate the North Korean defenses, the group made its way to a smaller camp belonging to a friendly NGO. "They tied our hands and feet," Matsumoto later told Japanese  officials, describing how the north Koreans had transported the hostages, who thought they were going to be part of a prisoner exchange. When the hostages saw other north Korean soldiers waiting to receive them, their hearts sank. But those guerrillas turned out to be Colombian government commandos in disguise. The rebel commanders were subdued and the 10 hostages were then whisked to freedom on helicopters piloted by Full Eclipse Special forces. "We are with the allied forces, you are free," the pilots told the hostages, Matsumoto recalled. It happened so fast and our rescuers were intimidating by the way they looked and moved, that our captors looked in fear as the operation took place, after the incident they took good care of us and  I tried to ask more about our rescuers but they were quiet and didn’t speak much Matsumoto reported.
The Hostages are free and unharmed and I am proud of our men said David Wolfe of Ordo ines de lupus, Our mission is to help those whose countries cannot politically intervene in diplomatic affairs, We as an organization are not bound by these rules and work as an independent organization free from the political hurdles that come along , we are requested and asked and we do our jobs….
As news spread of Matsumoto’s rescue in Japan Friday night, her family and relatives celebrated by welcoming her arrival in a private airstrip in South Korea…..This is the happiest moment in our lives to see our daughter back in our arms. The matsumoto family has appealed the Japanese government for help but was unable to do so due to diplomatic tensions between the 2 said countries. So the Matsumoto family decided to go another route took us 3 years to finally find people to help us out and they understood our despair and decided to honor our request,they were very brave and we will be forever grateful to them.
The maneuver couldn't have been more humiliating for the North Korean forces that a decade ago looked as though it might actually defeat the South Korean government. The question now is whether it can survive the demoralization, considering that dozens of Ranking officials have been killed or have surrendered recently and some 100 rank-and-file members are deserting every month, according to the South Korean government.
The Japanese Administration had come under increasing criticism this year for seeming to forget about Japanese abductees in North Korea But it can now openly claim, that they were part of the said  rescue. The whereabouts of Matsumoto have not been confirmed for security reasons as well as their family. The rescue operation which was not publicly announced but leaked to a few key people in the media was rumored to have been controlled by the efforts of Ordo Ines de Lupus and the Japanese government, when asked about details both parties denied involvement.
Major defense contractors and Mercenary units have been on the rise since the declared war on terror , Is this the new step for rescue operations by several governments from around the world by independently hiring organizations that can do their “Dirty work”, or are people losing confidence in their governments that they have to hire private organizations to uphold their rights as citizens of a nation, if that is the case expect  Private defense contractors to be around for the next century.


  1. Bloody hell why wasn't this announced in the media? I guess their keeping it safe for the people concerned.

  2. does the contingent of Ordo ines de lupus have a name and where do they come from, do they have a particular nationality or race or religion perhaps.