Thursday, February 17, 2011

Armand Reneu articles: Ordo Ines de Lupus special unit (Full eclipse)

Armand Reneu articles: Ordo Ines de Lupus special unit (Full eclipse): "Ordo Ines de Lupus Special action unit (Full Eclipse) &nb..."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to deal with your depression

Overcoming depression can be a very difficult task. If you or someone you know is suffering from depression then you likely display the common symptoms. These include sadness, hopelessness, pessimism, and feeling down all the time to name a few. For those people that have a hard time overcoming depression there are things they can do to help them feel better.

It is very common and normal for all people to have emotions and feel sad from time to time. Not everyone though has the strength to overcome that sadness as easy as others do. For people that have a history of depression in their family they are a lot more likely to have the symptoms associated with depression at some point in their lives and they make have a very difficult time shaking them off. There are some other symptoms that could come into play here with someone that is depressed. These include anxiety, trouble concentrating, negative thoughts, loss of appetite, feeling of worthlessness, and being less productive. If you are anyone you know seems to suffering from any of these symptoms then there is a chance they are suffering from depression.
Learning how to deal with depression can be a very difficult task. It is also not something that should be taken lightly. Depression can be a very serious problem and it can really grip you and rip the life and happiness right out of you if you let it. The key here is to not let this happen to you. The first task in learning how to deal with depression is recognizing that you have it and exactly how it effects and changes your life.

There are many different levels of depressions and many different ways that it affects people. Everyone that encounters some form of depression will likely have a little bit different symptoms and it will likely have a differing affect on different people. One of the best things that you can do when learning how to deal with depression is to try and always look on the bright side of things or be optimistic about everything that you can. It is important to try and rid your of negativity or things that can get your down. There are so many different things that can help you in your journey that it would take a long time to discuss them all.

s it possible to overcome depression? Of course it is, but that doesn’t mean that there is any one right way to do it or that it will be easy. There are many ways that depression can be treated. They will all have different effects on different people because no one person is built exactly the same. There are ways to overcome depression going the medical help route and there are more natural ways to help do this.

One of the best things that someone that is suffering from depression can benefit from is knowing that they are not alone. At any one time there are millions of people that are suffering from depression. If you choose to go the medical route you may be surprised that this may not help you overcome depression. There are studies that show taking antidepressants and talking to a psychologist does not provide relief for depression for a large number of people. These people are seeking alternative methods to help them get through there rough time. Some of these alternative methods include things like massage therapy, acupuncture, supplements, herbal remedies, food diet, and exercise. There is a growing number of experts that are finding that these alternative methods or more beneficial to many people. It does make sense if you think about it. Eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and taking health supplements that can help improve chemical imbalances in the brain are great ways to help overcome depression. These options are more natural, healthier, and can really help solve the problem rather than make your life dull like antidepressants can. If you really want to overcome depression then you are on the right path.

Getting help with depression is a very important step if you want to overcome it. Admitting that you have depression is never going to be an easy thing to do, but it is most likely the first thing you need to do to get felling better. In many cases having help with depression does not include taking antidepressant drugs. There are other ways to overcome it and most people can do it if they try.

The first option you have to get help with depression is to consider something called talk therapy. This can be very beneficial for many people because of the ability to talk about things that may have caused your depression. Doing this can help to alleviate the depressing feelings that you have and get to the root of the problem. Many times depression is caused from emotional things rather than physical things. It can be very beneficial to work through these emotional causes with someone to see if can’t get them worked out. The second option to help with depression is kind of a strange one or at least not one you would commonly think of. This method involves changing your diet. Eating healthy nutritious foods can be vital to your happiness because your body needs its nutrients to survive. No wonder it is not happy at you when you don’t eat right.

The third option is to learn to understand what makes you depressed and to mentally work through it in your head. If you can do this along with the first two options you have a very good chance at overcoming depression with out the using of antidepressants. If you have depression get help with depression today, don’t wait.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The causes of Poverty In 3rd World Nations

The Causes of Poverty In 3rd World nations
By: Armand Reneu

Today’s world is divided in to three parts. The first part includes superpowers such as United States of America, China and Britain which are controlling the world. Next

group are the developing countries which are being supported by the superpowers. For example South Korea is being supported bye U.S.A. The last part is known as the 3rd world countries like Iran, Iraq and Turkey. These countries are suffering from many problems such as high population, sanctions and above all poverty. Although almost all of these countries have lots of human potential and oil resources but they still face indigence. The main cause of this matter is colonization, none existence of paying attention to the health issues and finally low culture.
Colonization is the main reason that 3rd world countries are suffering poverty. For many years these countries have been invaded by the foreigners such as Russians British and French. In fact colonization is still continuing in these countries but in a different ways such as spreading democracy and overthrowing the dictator and dangerous regimes. The main way to obtain these goals is war and military action in the name of giving freedom to the people’s of these countries. The best example would be Iraq’s war and Afghanistan war. These wars are not beneficial for the nations but and have lots of damages and losses. The worst war’s damage is poverty. History shows that whenever wars take place poverty and economic depressions are the main result of them. Furthermore, colonization causes racism in 3rd world countries. For instance, French induced racism in Rwanda .They have separated the people to the two groups of Hutu and Tutsi .This racism still exists therefore there is no unity among people which causes many problems, and the main one is poverty. Because wherever there is no unity among the nation that country would not improve and fall behind. Another effect of colonization on appearing poverty in 3rd world countries is dispute in multicultural communities. Westerners always tried to make controversy among the multicultural communities to retard them which in the end result in poverty.
The second cause of penury is none existence of paying attention to the health issues .In 3rd world countries number of sick people is always increasing because of wrong decisions related to the welfare problems and lack of a well-ordered schedule for vaccination and eradication of diseases. For example in Pakistan the health programs are more focused on curing rather than prevention. In addition most of the 3rd world communities are unaware of the infectious diseases such as AIDS. Hence a lot of money is spent on the health issues without any effective results. In the end the governments will end up with a more infected people and a lot of wasted money which also causes poverty.
The last cause of poverty in these kinds of countries is that a huge majority of people’s culture is low and week i.e. people do not have a correct perception how to improve and what is best for them. In most cases this happens because of extremism in religion .For example in Iraq people instead of being united and trying to move to the better future ,support terrorist groups because they believe that these groups are fighting against the God’ enemy. This will change nothing but making the invasion time longer .Another problem is that people in these countries are used to be consumers rather than a producers. Therefore they spend a lot of money on consuming and importing goods from other countries .This might not be bad for them in short term but in long term it will cause a terrible loss and poverty for the country.
3rd world poverty has a lot of causes like colonizing, health issues and cultural problems. Any countries that suffer these factors or even one of them usually face poverty. In my opinion issue of poverty in 3rd world countries will be more complicated and acute unless the world unite and help these countries to uproot poverty.

Ordo Ines de Lupus special unit (Full eclipse)

Ordo Ines de Lupus Special action unit (Full Eclipse)
                                                       By : Armand Reneu

Full Eclipse is a relatively small and parochial organization. Numbering only 172,000, it is the smallest of the Ordo ines de lupus’s special operations. It also epitomizes the warrior ethic, much to the consternation of the socialists present in our society today.
Full eclipse is, and has been throughout its existence, an expeditionary force. Consequently it is task organized to land its forward deployed units worldwide. Because they are an infantry force, the primary method of force projection is infiltration and reconaissance, and the forcible entry option into a non-permissive environment is powerful and decisive.
Within the Full Eclipse unit exists a small group of highly trained and superbly competent special forces; those assigned to the Ordo Ines de lupus community. Relatively unknown outside any political or government department, they neither seek nor suffer the publicity of others in this business.
I'll attempt to provide a small look into the world of Full Eclipse. The amount of information will require three separate articles. This first installment will be a brief overview of the history and organization of Full Eclipse and how it fits into the Special operations mission. The second will be concerned with selection and training, and finally the third will cover weapons and equipment used by these silent warriors. There is a fair amount of jargon and acronyms involved, which I have hopefully softened and explained without gentrifying the story.
Currently, the only stand alone Full Eclipse in Ordo Ines de Lupus is 1st Force. The 2nd Unit . (Eastern Europe) and 3rd Unit  (South East Asia) have a Force capability imbedded in their respective Infiltration units. This may change (again) in the near future, but as of this time only 1st Force is capable of independent operations. Because of the different command relations that exist, this article is concerned primarily with 1st Force.
Full Eclipse  Reserve have 3rd Force units in Mobile, and 4th Force in central Europe, with a detachment in Spain and Germany.
The Reconnaissance Units supports the Order, and it provides tactical reconnaissance in the Distant Battle.
Full eclipse supports the other forces, a Corps equivalent, and conducts Operational Level reconnaissance in the Deep infiltration.
Full Eclipse had its genesis in San Sebastian Spain and hamburg Germany in 1915 when a test unit was formed to evaluate methods of insertion for infiltration teams in World War I . These two platoons, (a Rapid tactical infiltration and a Pathfinder Unit) were eventually combined with an existing Infantry Reconnaissance Unit to form 1st Force Full Eclipse unit in 1915.
In 1920, one half of Unit was transferred to the eastern Europe to form the fledgling 2nd Force unit.. 1st Force was then a part of Force Troops, Infantry units and intelligence) and supported both the 1st and 3rd Units of Full Eclipse. 2nd Force was assigned to Force Troops, and was redirected in France, Spain and Switzerland.
The early years were spent developing the doctrine and skills that bore fruit in the crucible of South East Asia.1 1st Unit and 3rd Unit went into the former Republic of the Philippines in 1945, supporting the Grand order of Ordo ines de Lupus, 1st Full Eclipse units did around 1,500 infiltration units from that time towards the 1970’s.
The Units was deactivated in 1974, as part of a reevaluation of Ordo ines’s De lupus Paramilitary upgrade and Planning. The 1st Full Eclipse unit was integrated with the 3rd and focused on the asian region for rescue and Anti-communist infiltration.
The mixing of Forces has never been entirely satisfactory, and the Company again stood up in 1986. 1st Force operated in Southwest Asia during that time, and has since deployed to multiple hot spots including East Timor last year.
The Company has two Mission Profiles- Deep Infiltration and Direct Action.
On the conventional, or "Green" side, the mission is to conduct Intelligence, Rescue, Deep Ground training, Battlespace Shaping, and surveillance to observe, identify and report enemy activity.
They conduct specialized terrain infiltration that includes hydrography, beaches, roads, bridges, routes, urban areas, helicopter landing zones and aircraft forward operating sites.
When task organized with other forces, equipment or personnel, they can assist in special engineer, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC), Radio, mobile or other operations
Additionally, they can implant or recover sensors and beacons, conduct Initial Terminal Guidance for helicopters, landing craft and parachutists. As directed, they can designate and engage selected targets with Force fires.
They can conduct post strike reconnaissance to determine and report damage to a specific target or area, or perform other operations as directed by the Order, they have close relations with many allied governments around the globe.